Making Music!

Did you know that Evenings Porch has Freenotes Musical Instruments in our backyard? Taken directly from, is further information on how music affects our residents.
Music is a global, artistic language that creates community,
connection and a sense of belonging. Some studies
suggest that music is older than speech and language,and
that speech may have even evolved from music. The
primal power of music evokes emotions, memories and
images, taking the participant on a magical journey.
Cognitive Function
Music helps to build reasoning skills and
cognitive development. It can increase the
capacity of your memory, refine time
management and organizational skills, and
teach perseverance.
Playing music is fun! It builds confidence,
encourages creativity and self-expression. It
can reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms of
depression, and elevate your mood. It just
makes people healthier and happier!
Playing and listening to music can reduce
stress, ease pain, lower your blood pressure,
increase workout endurance, improve sleep,
enhance blood vessel function and help you
eat less!
As we co-create music we grasp a sense of
joy, our focus and social engagement align
without effort. Playing music with others
fosters deep listening, respect, a sense of
belonging and builds community.